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Dr Matt O'Leary, Reader in Education, Birmingham City University
Living Contradiction is an intelligent, sensitive, and socially situated antidote to the macho, authoritarian -˜what works' publications in education that cocksurely proselytise about what needs to be done to improve teaching and learning.

In conceptualising teaching as a moral and ethical practice, Warren and Bigger seek to illuminate and confront some of the complexities involved in dealing with the thorny issues of behaviour and discipline in schools. But rather than providing spurious, short term solutions, Living Contradiction takes the reader on a journey of critical reflection and self-learning as the authentic experience of Warren's professional life is openly interrogated. The richness, sensitivity, and depth of thought with which this book examines matters relating to behaviour and discipline in schools makes it very unique from many other publications.
Guest | 14/08/2017 01:00
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