Louis Cozolino, Ph.D., author of The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, The Neuroscience of Human Relationships, The Making of a Therapist, and Why Therapy Works
Within the crucible of a technique Hill and Rossi call Mirroring Hands, The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands shares a storehouse of practical insight, scientific theory, and clinical wisdom. In the process they challenge accepted assumptions and synthesize complex principles, all the while encouraging clinicians to learn to listen to their inner voice.

The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands is a warm and fascinating adventure in which you get to know two explorers of the mind and learn about the history of psychotherapy while gaining practical knowledge. You may not agree with everything the authors say, but I suspect that you willrespect and enjoy their unique blend of complexity, depth, and self-insight - so often missing from contemporary discussions. 
Guest | 27/10/2017 01:00
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