Trevor Silvester, Q.C.H.P.A. (Reg), N.C.H. (Fellow), H.P.D., Training Director, The Quest Institute Ltd, author of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Wordweaving, and The Question is the Answer
Through careful description, diagrams and case histories, Rossi and Hill's exposition of what is a beautifully simple technique is priceless. I've used a variation of Mirroring Hands for many years and can vouch for its power, and the description of the technique in this book will enable any practitioner to incorporate it into their practice. What I would also wish for practitioners to absorb is the simplicity of the authors' excellent application of the technique: the subtle, minimal use of language that exemplifies all that is good in Ericksonian practice is so sublime it should be available as an intravenous drip. Truly masterful.

Ernest L. Rossi has been one of the thought leaders of hypnotherapy for many years, and is clearly a man who enjoys his intellect. His drive to connect the effects of the Mirroring Hands technique with scientific theory is admirable and will be loved by some, but thought unnecessary by others. I confess, it certainly isn't an easy read - and after years in the personal development field, talk of quantum qualia makes me want to run to a darkened room - but out of respect for the authors I persevered and found much of value. I found some aspects of the theory a little forced and over-certain, but I do agree with Rossi that we should be looking to science for an understanding of why what we do works, or not. There is plenty of research and ideas presented here that made me think new thoughts, and you can't ask much more from a book. I'm sure The Practitioner's Guide to Mirroring Hands will be one I return to repeatedly.
Guest | 27/10/2017 01:00
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