Product reviews for The GCSE Mindset

Michael Senior, CEO,
The GCSE Mindset builds ably on the best of its precursor, The A Level Mindset, which proved so popular with heads of sixth form. The depth and detail is both a strength and a challenge as it will take dedicated staff at Key Stage 4 time to digest it, but if they are keen to improve outcomes and build skills then they, and their students, will be rewarded with a richly supportive tutorial scheme that will have an impact on exam results.

Year 10 and 11 assemblies, as well as tutorial time, have been waiting for The GCSE Mindset. This material is no fad and is here to stay for some time, as the thought and breadth of the book's practical strategies are the result of the wealth of research and talent of two experienced practitioners, Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin.

Get yourself a copy - you won't be disappointed!
Guest | 23/11/2017 00:00
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