Product reviews for The Learning Power Approach

Professor Dame Alison Peacock, Chief Executive, Chartered College of Teaching
Guy Claxton writes compellingly about the importance of teachers recognising the influence that they have within their classroom to create a culture where learning can take place at different depths and levels. He transcends the traditional versus progressive debate by illustrating how we can "have it all" when both knowledge acquisition and skilful learning behaviours are valued in harness. The teacher's transformative influence is celebrated and practical examples of an environment where the Learning Power Approach is evident are provided alongside encouragement for the reflective teacher to explore, within the confines of his or her own classroom, the design principles laid out in this book.

The Learning Power Approach restores faith in the fullest ambition for what can be achieved when we engage inclusively to empower children, young people, and teachers through education.
Guest | 04/12/2017 00:00
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