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Every now and then, life has a knack for throwing a curve ball into our lives, placing obstacles, forcing big decisions, or challenging beliefs and understanding of how we view things. Add into the mix demands of life requiring that we achieve academically, fit in with friendship groups and all the technological distractions that can easily turn attention away, being a teenager is no mean feat. During this most sensitive time of our lives, it can be tricky to know who to turn to for support, advice or just to talk through pressures that are building internally, and school can actually be a sanctuary of routine, respect and reassurance that can be missing from teenage life.

Teachers, parents and friends can all have a different influence on teenage life, but sometimes the will to focus and achieve needs to come from inside (an internal process). Building the internal strategies - that can build resilience and assured strategies to success - takes time, effort and a determination to overcome negative influences. In their book “Release your inner drive - Everything you need to know about how to get good at stuff” Bradley Busch and Edward Watson have compiled a range of strategies and methods to help and support teenagers achieve in their lives, exploring routines, behaviours and ideas. Succeeding with revision is at the core of this book and the authors have significantly concentrated on ensuring access to the ideas and strategies are easily accessible. Through a series of lists, infographics, and digestible segments of advice, Busch & Watson have created an essential book for teenagers, helping steer through the daily expectations demanded through this most precarious time of life.

Although not intended to be read from start to end, the book has a great mix of chapters focusing on 10 critical aspects of life that can help individuals succeed in what they are concentrating on (see chapter titles on next page) whether that be academically, or another part of life that is important. Helpfully, the focus on revision and preparing for exams is a really useful guide, and teachers could use this book to support secondary students through the plethora of exam papers they're faced with.

Using the book during whole-class tutor time would allow teachers to focus on experiences of students, and showcasing the infographics could act as a great conversation starter for groups or individuals alike. Additionally, providing individuals with the book would allow private consideration of the strategies and ideas shared throughout, of which students could easily refer to helping motivate and focus their mind. Helpfully, it wouldn't be a bad gift to subtly give to your teenage child, if you're a parent, to help or guide them through the revision and exam process.

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