The subject of Mental Health continues to be given attention across society, yet the topic continues to be avoided by many, who still see the issue as a taboo worth avoiding. School teachers are perfectly placed to identify, support and discuss mental health issues with students, but many are not trained psychiatrists and the help offered can be clumsy if not managed carefully.

Having read the book “The Dangerous Rise Of Therapeutic Education How Teaching Is Becoming Therapy” by Ecclestone and Hayes, John Tomsett became convinced that, “our navel-gazing curriculum has caused the so-called mental health -˜crises' in our schools”. In his latest book, “This Much I Know about Mind Over Matter: Improving mental health in our schools“, John Tomsett explores the mental health crises in our schools with a collection of interviews including Professor Tanya Byron, Natasha Devon, Norman Lamb, to name just a few.

It would be disingenuous to share the conclusions here, but Tomsett advocates for a multi-factorial effort to crack the mental health -˜crises', including a political, parental, cultural, medical and educational endeavour. He also draws on Justin Tarte's -˜10 Things Students Want Educators to Know-˜, which every teacher should return to consider on a regular basis.

John Tomsett is a fantastic story teller, and this is another engaging book that amalgamates personal stories and experiences with expert opinion to inform teachers and school leaders about the crucial role they hold in supporting the mental health development of their pupils.

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Guest | 07/12/2017 00:00
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