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Getting feedback right, as a teacher, is a skill that is refined over time. Certain methods really work with some pupils, whereas another group of pupils demand a different approach which works for them. Following on from their book about measuring Progress, Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have, again, gathered a digestible collection of inspiring short essays from a broad range of discerning experts all focusing on offering practical strategies for offering feedback.

Seth Godin, Mick Waters, Mike Gershon & DianaLaufenberg are some of the well-known proponents offering opinion, advice and strategies within the book, but Professor Dylan Wiliam's chapter on Formative assessment also reminds us that providing feedback to students helps them move their learning forward, rather than just being critical about their work - fundamentally improving the student, not just the work they've completed.

This is a handy little book for teachers and schools to often refer to, and each short chapter could easily be included in a series of staff meetings or professional development sessions with the messages within providing stimulus for teaching reflection, improvements and refining of processes within a school

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