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James Kilner, Director, JEK Education Ltd, former Ofsted inspector
During the final inspection at my school the lead inspector said something which I have never forgotten: he told me about -˜the inspector's prayer'. -˜As the team pull up on the car park on day one of the inspection,' he said, -˜you will see that they appear to be talking to themselves. They are not. They are uttering the inspector's prayer, which goes, “Please let me discover something different in this school today, amen”, but invariably there never is anything different - everyone wants to play it safe.' Well, this is not the case in Will Ryan's inspiring new book, Dare to be Different.

Will Ryan has broken the mould when it comes to educational leadership textbooks! He skilfully weaves a believable and engaging work of fiction with a golden thread of truly inspirational educational philosophy which will appeal equally to the newly qualified as well as battle weary school leaders. Will's sharp wit and insightful take on current challenges facing schools makes this a very easy read. By lampooning the pomposity, hypocrisy and shenanigans of politicians both locally and nationally he strikes a blow for freedom for those willing to -˜dare to be different' and take up the very practical ideas which fall from every page. Through his apposite quotes, reference to current research and exploration of the mythical -˜golden age' of education he is able to convince the reader his ideas are a worthy road map for successful school leadership. He lays before us a concept of leadership he encapsulates in the -˜brave school leaders' who play by their own rules.

Will sticks to what he knows best and what is proven to work well, good old-fashioned fun learning which engages and excites the children to discover and causes parents to have to listen to -˜what we did at school today' open mouthed. Above all, Will inspires teachers young, old or anywhere in-between to -˜dare to be different' and get back to enjoying the job they are proud to hold as a vocation in life.
Guest | 22/12/2017 00:00
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