Product reviews for Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Alan Chapman,
This is very unusual book. Peter Cook successfully relates lots of principles about business, leadership and management to music performance, and especially to many esoteric rock music stories, situations, general music industry dynamics.

My time to review books is limited these days, but I happily made an exception in this case.

The book is written in a fast-moving and amusing style - packed full of solid theories and techniques for effective modern business development, management, leadership, marketing, selling and customer care, at every turn brought to life through rock music analogies.

The design of the layout cleverly offers a quick cartoon-style summary on each right page, to support the heavier text on each corresponding left page. It's a neat format.

Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll is also a goldmine of spicey references for trainers and teachers, even though the strong rock music theming will appeal mostly to fans of the genre and by implication won't be everybody's bag.

The references to John Otway's wonderful world tour private jet round the world party (Otway and Cook know each other and occasionally work together) are sadly for the time being not quite so powerful, given Otway's cancellation, or hopefully mere postponement of the extravaganza, nevertheless the main messages about being innovative, passionate, and shooting for the stars, still resonate loud and clear.

This book is great because it contains all the sold theory, and it's powerfully different.

For those of you who love rock music almost as much as your work, this is a super read and really unusual reference tool.
Guest | 25/04/2007 01:00
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