Product reviews for Sex, Leadership and Rock'n'Roll

Sarah Goodwin FIBC, Business Adviser 07
Fun, funky and focused - a heady combination that made for a great romping read. Using an eclectic range of musical metaphors, supported by real substance and underlying understanding of the issues at the heart of true dynamic and effective leadership, Peter Cook really brings this read to life.

The eye catching, enticing title does not disappoint, nor does the aligning of Sex, Rock and Roll, and indeed music of many genres, with our experiences of Leadership in the business world: you will be stirred, engaged, enraged and indeed amused in different ways .

Do not however underestimate the power of the message underlying the metaphor. There is meat behind the fun facade that makes this book a valuable addition for those looking to encourage a fresh look at business leadership - and to be able to -˜mosh' and thrash their -˜air guitars' at work legitimately! School of Rock Fans will love it.
Guest | 18/02/2008 00:00
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