Product reviews for A Mindset for Success

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
Tony Swainston from his extensive practical experience addresses a range of key issues,  faced by teachers and managers in schools and colleges, in particular, promoting the engagement and motivation of learners  to improve participation and outcomes. The author focusses  on a  wide range of strategies to effectively change mindsets  and make a positive difference to learner confidence  and personal drive  to raise aspirations  and extend their potential.

Readers will find the section on mindsets , linked to the research work of Caroline Dweck and John Hattie very informative .  This background information gives the reader a baseline for raising awareness of the author's strategies for changing the mindsets of  a school community and individuals.  The author discusses a range of activities  with learners focussed on learning together, making connections, chunking and how to encourage individuals to persist in the face of obstacles.

This is an excellent resource to promote mindset and the key skills of self belief, perseverance, determination, drive, habit, resilience, expectation  Above all  it addresses  strategies to impact upon  attitudes to extend personal  commitment , endeavour  and  enjoy celebrating  a  personal best performance.
Guest | 12/01/2018 00:00
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