Product reviews for Leadership Dialogues II

Ian Gilbert, founder, Independent Thinking
Whatever you have planned by way of leadership team meetings and whole school CPD this year, cancel it and work your way through this resource, packed full of the very best in school improvement wisdom.

At a time when school leadership is pressurised into consisting of leading a school to a decent set of exam results and an inspection that keeps -˜them' off your back for a few more years, Leadership Dialogues II puts the heart, the soul, the integrity and the moral purpose back into its core. And in an environment in which we are told increasingly, and loudly, that education should be -˜like this', here is a book that is about asking questions, not giving off-the-shelf solutions. It dares school leaders to tread a different path - one of inclusion, social equity and success for all students. Two of the leading proponents of school leadership combine common sense, wisdom and research based practice to great effect in imbuing school leaders with the tools, knowledge and bravery to be the leaders that any education system truly deserves.

Practical and inspirational in equal measure, Leadership Dialogues II is a book that all school leaders should hold close as they seek to answer the many questions it poses and to lead their schools in a way the world dearly needs now more than ever.
Guest | 18/01/2018 00:00
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