Product reviews for Leadership Dialogues II

Juan Carlos García, Pedagogical, Pastoral and Innovation Department, Escuelas Católicas de Madrid
Our leadership teams have never needed more training in their roles as they do now during these challenging times. At Escuelas Católicas de Madrid, we strongly believe that our school leaders have realised the importance of their mission and that new challenges demand new approaches. And as the original Leadership Dialogues has proven to be such a powerful tool for leaders, I believe Leadership Dialogues II will be another important step in the process of developing and improving their skills.

Harris and West-Burnham offer a serious reflection on leadership with very interesting resources which enable the reflourishing of previous thinking on the topic, and they expertly tackle a wide variety of key points - from the importance of useful meetings to the real purpose of education - from the most particular points up to the most general and crucial ones.

It is very difficult to find specific and practical books on the subject of school leadership, so we have to be grateful for a title which fills this gap. We are excited to offer Leadership Dialogues II to our leaders in supporting their mission to build the schools we need and that our pupils deserve.
Guest | 18/01/2018 00:00
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