Product reviews for Leadership Dialogues II

Paul Bannister, Junior School Head Teacher, Jerudong International School
Today's schools are frantic, chaotic places besieged by a constant external bombardment of initiatives and political requirements. Given this environment, how do school leadership teams ensure that they are performing optimally and are up to the challenges ahead? Where does affordable, high quality leadership development come from in this environment? Once again, Harris and West-Burnham - like Batman and Robin - come to the rescue.

In the same way that the original Leadership Dialogues became an indispensable manual for reviewing the fundamental aspects of school leadership, Leadership Dialogues II takes leadership teams on similar journeys into deeper and currently relevant areas for review; from securing equity and engagement to analysing the use of research in education, via a debate on the purpose of education. The book follows the same model as the original - the establishment of context, the exploration of research and current thinking, and a follow-up of key questions and linked additional resources - and such is the quality and depth of content and the ease of reading, leadership development is unavoidable. Don't expect that this book will give you all the answers, however - it won't. What it will do is stimulate and structure thinking, and challenge leadership teams to find the answers from within their own schools. This book is the catalyst, not the solution.

Leadership Dialogues II will, like Leadership Dialogues, become an essential leadership tool, racing to the rescue when leaders seek to further improve their schools. You can put away the bat signal, Leadership Dialogues II is here.
Guest | 18/01/2018 00:00
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