Andy Whysall, photographer and retired journalist
What a really special book Learning Through a Lens is. I ordered it for my partner, who is a teacher, an autism specialist, in the secondary school in our village, to add to her resources for various creative activities she does with some of her more difficult' classes. But since it arrived I am also finding it useful and inspirational as well. After being a journalist and photographer for 40 years I am now half way through a degree in photography as fine art, and it has sown the seed of me working up a third-year project in a classroom environment.

I flagged up Learning Through a Lens in the photography department today and within five minutes it had been ordered for the campus library. As I said earlier, it is a really special book -¦ I must have read hundreds of books on photography over the years and only very rarely felt really engaged by one, or found myself believing what the book is offering is genuinely practical and real. It's a top piece of work. Feel free to write another one!
Guest | 24/01/2018 00:00
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