Duncan Millard, Director of Academy Improvement, Faringdon Community College
The innovative nature of the resource:

This innovative book offers practical easy to use ideas, which invigorate and inspire. Jim Smith's no nonsense approach is explained simply and realistically without educational jargon. His amusing bluntness and refreshing candour gives readers encouragement. He describes possible problems without superiority and then offers excellent solutions, this exemplifies his wide experience and practicality. This book is a -˜must read' for all teachers!

The impact on learning and the work of the teacher in the classroom, to what extent and in which areas:

By addressing all aspects of teaching, split into manageable chapters, the reader realises quickly how uncomplicated this approach is. The refreshingly easy and usable ideas encourage the reader to implement ideas. The ways of working suggested are explained thoroughly and simply and then reasons for working this way are expertly explained. His methods of ensuring pupils are involved and participating in their learning changes the focus in the classroom, and makes the learning exciting and targeted. This makes the system extremely easy to use and adapt to individual needs. Most importantly, the emphasis is on not making more work for stressed teachers, but to make their methods more effective and quicker. A system, which advocates less preparation and paperwork, is sure to appeal to all teachers.

How the title supports or enhances the everyday life or work of teachers, pupils or schools:

Although the title aptly describes Jim Smith's approach, it could be misinterpreted. Teachers are very aware of negative public opinions of their profession and too often they are accused of only working 9-3 and always being on holiday. Teachers do not want to be labelled -˜lazy', however the chance to be more effective practitioners and to improve methods they all are keen to do. Surely, the present mass exodus from the teaching profession coupled with the reduced numbers of students going into teaching exemplifies the urgent need to address all teachers' work/life balance. So perhaps another title with reference to this, rather than a negative implication of laziness, would be preferable.

Cost-effectiveness in terms of educational aims and results - not just price:

Jim Smith's books should be given to all teachers and displayed in all staffrooms! His approach is the way forward. In order to improve current conditions, hone present practise and make teaching more manageable and effective present methods have to change. If work/life balance is not improved and planning/teaching methods not reduced and refined, teaching will reach crisis point. His advice and approach is refreshing, realistic and can be implemented quickly and easily. Most importantly it is not costly, in fact this approach will save money (especially on photocopying!). Could he produce a Primary based book now!
Guest | 05/02/2018 00:00
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