Product reviews for The Working Class

Ben Walden, Founding Director, Contender Charlie
Packed with insightful and expert knowledge, The Working Class may be one of the most important books in education for many years. It is especially welcomed by those of us who still believe that -˜experts' have a role to play in society, despite their tendency to offer such annoyances as carefully researched facts and years of experience in their fields.

But that is not what makes it great. What makes it great is love. The love this group of writers share for the importance of education and the aspiration for every child -“ irrespective of social, cultural or economic wealth -“ to have the best possible chance in life.

Many of these writers are fighting that battle from the front line, and they are fighting with a mighty heart. Because that's what this battle needs.
Guest | 07/02/2018 00:00
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