Product reviews for The Working Class

Professor Sonia Blandford, founder and CEO, Achievement for All and author of Born to Fail? A Working Class View
The Working Class is a book of commentary, ideas and reflections on what it is to be working class and on how educators and policy makers have responded -“ some successfully, others less so -“ to the challenges faced.

I recommend The Working Class for its rich description of generations of experience and of the consequences of not acting upon the depth of concern regarding what is needed in order to change thinking, policy and practice. Several chapters focus on the plight of the working class when faced with teachers, leaders and employers who have misunderstood them; many provide detailed accounts of how access to education has enabled, supported and developed those who are perceived to lack opportunity; and various others imply that the purpose of education and learning is to enable and give choices to those who would otherwise face the relentlessness of unfulfilling employment.

To this end, The Working Class will enable readers to begin to understand why change is needed.
Guest | 07/02/2018 00:00
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