Product reviews for The Working Class

Sue Cowley, teacher, presenter and author of The Artful Educator
The Working Class is an important, powerful and wide-ranging book. The contributors deal with a complex and multifaceted subject from a range of perspectives and with an understanding that is frequently borne out of lived experience.

Among its many and varied delights are chapters on the importance of the arts, the unique value of a library, the importance of being brave enough to go on trips, what it is really like to grow up in poverty, and a beautiful multisensory rhapsody about nature tables. I also love the way the contributions range in form -“ here you will find poetry, stories, anecdotes and analysis all sitting side by side and helping to communicate the key messages of the book. We hear from voices within the working class community and from those who have dedicated their working lives to helping children and families in these communities, and we hear stories of poverty, of politics, of teachers, of children, of dreams and of the awe and wonder that learning can inspire.

I find myself energised, inspired and fired up reading this book. It challenges the political narrative of the -˜undeserving poor' and acts as a call to action for educators everywhere.
Guest | 07/02/2018 00:00
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