Product reviews for The Working Class

Dr Jon Berry, Programme Director for the Professional Doctorate in Education, University of Hertfordshire
This wide-ranging collection of essays and articles should be compulsory reading for those teachers, parents and children who feel worn down and worn out by the meagre diet of coaching, cramming and rehearsal that constitutes so much of young people's daily experience of formal education.

The Working Class shows that it doesn't have to be like this, however. We have brilliant educators who want to put the child at the centre of educational policy, and we have equally brilliant children with a whole range of varied talents that need to be discovered and developed.

The contributors know what the problem is -“ a neoliberal, marketised view of education as a commodity to be pre-packaged and delivered -“ and, by contesting the politics behind this view and promoting practice that challenges it, demonstrate that another world of genuine learning, informed by thoughtful pedagogy, can benefit us all.
Guest | 08/02/2018 00:00
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