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Jacquelyne Morison, founder of Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training and author of Hypnotherapy Teaching, Training and Supervision
Compiled by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman, and featuring contributions from so many heavyweight educational luminaries, Feedback cannot but succeed and should be added to the library of any teacher or trainer.

Numerous feedback models'­ - including praise and reward, -˜feedforward', formative assessment and peer assessment, as well as the significance of assessment as a basis for the teacher's vital decision-making role - are explored succinctly yet comprehensively, and are evaluated from a refreshing perspective in order to empower the teacher.

Feedback also includes an array of practical teaching strategies and approaches which provide the means by which the teacher can acknowledge important aspects of effort, initiative, daring and persistence in the learner.
Guest | 21/02/2018 00:00
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