Product reviews for There is Another Way

John T Morris BA(Hons),MEd,MPhil,CertEd, Director at Ymgynghorwyr Addysg JTM Educational Consultants
Ian Gilbert, in his own inimitable style, has collated a wide range of articles by experienced practitioners which stimulate ideas and reflection on strategies to promote delivery of learning, engagement, motivation and the ethos for learning. The overall focuses of the articles are contained in an initial list of aspirations, “There is Another Way”, which is an excellent, thought provoking introduction. Teachers, lecturers and managers of learning will find the range of tips, strategies and anecdotes an indispensable resource to influence their thinking and practice. I particularly gained from re-reading the sections on “Live your life”, “Knowing your students”, “Planting seeds of aspirations”, and “There isn't an App for that”. The key message within the book is how the agents of learning can positively impact more successfully upon students' learning aspirations and future life pathways. This is an inspirational book which should be available as a resource within all centres of learning to support the promotion of personal, social and learning outcomes.
Guest | 16/03/2018 00:00
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