Christine Davies
This collection of grounded theoretical, practical and powerful insights provides an inspiration of what might be possible to achieve when the qualities of curiosity, wonder, belief and commitment come together with a sense of determined professionalism and discipline to make a difference. I admire each contributor's specialism and 'schism' of the world, which when taken as a collective offering, provide an unique challenge to practice - not only for the 'educator' profession but well beyond too.

The book is thought provoking and yet at the same time enabling, human in its approach and empathetic, yet hopeful with regards to the challenges of working with young people in our society to enable them to reach their potential.

Having enjoyed the contributions of some of the students who have been participants in this type of learning and seen what thoughtful and engaged young citizens that they are becoming, I wholeheartedly say get the book and try it out!!!
Guest | 08/11/2006 00:00
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