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Dr Keith Perera, Assistant Head Teacher, St Paul's Catholic College, Associate Fellow, University of Sussex
The teaching profession is safe in the hands of teachers like Martha, Emily and Ben. In Thrive they acknowledge the challenges that teachers face at the start of their careers, but present them with a coherent and realistic path to success.

It is so refreshing to read of young teachers who relish attending to their own professional development - it is clear the authors are committed both to their pupils' learning and to their own careers. Indeed it is the fusing of these two core motivations that keep them happy and fulfilled as teachers.

An innovative feature of Thrive is the melding of the training year into the first couple of years of teaching. Beginning teachers view this as one combined phase, but most training courses view these two periods in isolation - it is very helpful here to have the overview of the entire period, with each mini-phase attended to in its own section. The book also contests dour media narratives of teaching as a -˜profession in crisis', and asserts the enduring value of engaging in research by presenting a compelling notion of evidence-based practice.

Teaching is a stimulating, exciting and rewarding career, but it can be tough at the start. This very welcome book reassures both the newly qualified and the recently qualified teacher that they have made the right career choice and that - especially in this early period of their career - they should aim to -˜thrive', not just survive.
Guest | 24/04/2018 01:00
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