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Jan Tate, Literacy project lead, Peterborough Virtual School for Children in Care
This book is immensely useful to junior and secondary school teachers who value a creative and fun approach to learning.  Full of so many ideas to spark imaginative thinking, initiate discussions between pupils, develop creativity and to create classes of critical thinkers.  Children enjoy tasks where there is no right or wrong and these activities are suitable for all abilities and learning styles, as there are many and varied ways to tackle each problem.  Even better, there are unlimited ways to approach the questions and to present ideas, either individually or as pairs or groups.   Teachers could use this book as a daily handbook of growth mind-set activities in ways to suit their own teaching style.  It provides ideal tasks for children to get immediately involved in as they enter the classroom in the morning or after lunch - allowing them to switch on their brains quickly and get fully immersed in enjoyable, funny and thought provoking ponderings, which will certainly help to -˜grow' young brains and support them to feel more confident as they tackle the many challenges that life will throw at them.

I would urge all teachers who are looking for a new approach to learning and a compendium of unique theme based activities to give this a book a try.
Guest | 25/04/2018 01:00
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