Product reviews for Puffed Out

Michael Chamberlain, MD 'Open Minds,' Education Consultancy
I have used Will's book 'Puffed Out' in many educational settings: in partner, group and whole class situations. I've even used it as an icebreaker and debating tool with adults to stimulate discussion and interaction - the faces of adults from the beginning mentioning we are working on a children's story to begin a session to the strong arguments and counter arguments later were a treat to dive in to! It's remarkable how deep people can go with it and how many unpredictable avenues each activity can take a group.

I've have recommended this book on many occasion to colleagues and delegates when I have delivered CPD as a 'must-have' tool in an educator's arsenal when talking about growth mindset, conflict management and debating skills - it really does blow the house down!
Guest | 25/04/2018 01:00
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