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Steven White, Steven White Consultancy
If you are fortunate enough to attend one of Juliet's training courses you are in for a magical moment filled with "oo" and "ah's". Golden nugget moments begin formulating, which remains a constant throughout the entire session and beyond, as the sharing of educational knowledge and experience is abundant from Juliet, and is shared in the most unselfish way, that I have only really encountered a hand full of times in my life. The possibilities of your new knowledge become endless, and the concern of what next? in the bid to offer Children better, and more fascinating educational experiences, almost melts away, with each golden nugget that is shared by this wonderfully pioneering individual (Juliet Robertson).

The challenge to formulate and develop your thinking is offered in the most supportive and nurturing way, you really feel that the session has been individually tailored to you alone, then you look around the group and see that everyone is feeling the same way, as the smiles and nods of approval to ones own understanding are common place amongst the group. What supplements this session (for me), so well is the amazing piece of work that Juliet has clearly taken the time and upmost care to produce, I refer to Juliet's book Messy Maths: An outdoor, playful approach. Either one (book or training session), will offer the attendee (or reader), a bounty of great experiences, in which they are then able to share with their Children, Staff and Families.

There really is no boundary, or, limitations found with this resource, as it empowers any would be mathematician, to fully indulge with this educational masterpiece. Feedback from my team of teachers and practitioners in early years was that they found themselves coming away with an experience where they felt instantly more accomplished than they did prior to their engagement with Juliet. A paradigm shift had been experienced, which is an incredibly powerful moment to witness. It has been a number of months now since our training session with Juliet and we have witnessed the language of Maths flowing in and around our setting, on a daily basis. No boundaries or planning to implement Maths has occurred, as we have been given the tool to observe that Maths surrounds us everyday, everywhere and in everything.

Mathematics can often be met with disdain by many of us, through dull, and uneventful learning experiences that we encounter in our younger years of learning. This resource shares with us all what Maths truly is, and that is Maths is a language. We have forgotten this, with the dulling and tailored approach to the subject area, and this resource is a breath of fresh air and a reminder that Maths is fun!
Guest | 27/04/2018 01:00
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