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Linda Reed, Head teacher, Garnetbank Primary School
Garnetbank Primary school in Glasgow has been on a journey of maths improvement, supporting all of our children to understand maths through concrete materials, pictorial representation and moving into the abstract.  We understand the power of learning through play and sought practical ideas to bring maths to life and get children outdoors.  Our aims are to enable our children  to connect their learning in the classroom to the world beyond, apply skills in new situations and to see that everyone needs maths in learning, life and work.

Messy Maths by Juliet Robertson offered us the perfect resource to provide staff ideas to enable children to deepen their understanding through hands on experiences. The book inspired us to develop natural resources and make more of our outdoor learning environment in the school and beyond.  We found Messy Maths to be a treasure trove of practical ideas, ready to use games and open ended activities to develop and expand.  It is easy to read, accessible, enjoyable and brimming with good advice.  The book inspired staff to develop ideas and practice which continues to grow.  Despite the main audience being for those working with children ages 3 to 6, many of our staff have easily and quickly taken ideas and tweaked to add challenge for older children.  

Our children are playing shape team games, learning about measure through natural materials, counting, sorting  and problem solving whilst smiling, hopping, skipping and dancing as they learn!

As testimony to the positive impact of this resource, our staff showcased the resources developed and some of the maths games trialled during the National launch of maths week Scotland at Garnetbank. This included the Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills enjoying a wonderful learning experience outdoors with our P6s and lots of natural one metre sticks!  A film of The Deputy First Minister engaged in these activities in a short clip made by Scottish Government in  and also in the Education Scotland blog about maths week Scotland.  

Maths and outdoor learning really go hand in hand for so many reasons.  Juliet Robertson's book holds practitioners' hands in taking maths outdoors with advice and ideas.  Our journey in outdoor learning is in it's infancy, but the small investment in several Messy Maths books is having a long reaching and sustained positive impact on our improvement journey.  This book is a must!
Guest | 27/04/2018 01:00
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