Product reviews for Reclaiming the Curriculum

Keith Sadler, Ofsted inspector and trainer, local authority principal inspector and former primary school head teacher
For too long, the rubric -˜At the heart of the educational process lies Ofsted' has dominated how primary schools approach the curriculum. In this deeply refreshing book, Bill Laar and Jackie Holderness provide a rationale for the adjustment from the narrow literacy- and numeracy-based curriculum towards the development of a confident, broad-ranging one that focuses directly on supporting learning and is stimulating for pupils.

It also includes a wide variety of exciting and excellent examples of successful schools that have taken an innovative and stimulating approach to curriculum design. The schools featured in these case studies each recognise the centrality of literacy and numeracy, but not to the exclusion of a rich, pupil-centred approach to teaching and learning.
Guest | 23/05/2018 01:00
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