Product reviews for Reclaiming the Curriculum

Dr Michael Brown, education consultant
By means of presenting case studies of exemplary practice in a wide range of primary school settings, this book effectively illustrates innovative ways in which the curriculum can be reclaimed. Each chapter demonstrates that through the ingenuity, skills and knowledge of creative teachers, children can enjoy fulfilling and challenging learning experiences that result in exceptional learning and impressive standards of attainment.

The book follows a clear and logical sequence, as before embarking on the case studies there is a helpful summary of the development of the national curriculum. The sometimes controversial issue of specialist teaching in the primary phase is also convincingly debated and there is a full discussion about the essential nature of a broad and balanced curriculum. Progression through the case studies is facilitated and made more accessible by means of helpful introductory commentaries, which assist the reader in identifying the main focus of the particular innovative practice described and summarise its contribution to each school's reclaimed curriculum. It also enables the reader to dip into specific sections of the book without the need to read it in its entirety.

While most of the chapters describe in detail examples of the rich and creative curriculums espoused by the schools, some also address the underlying philosophy and values that underpin their innovative practice. A compelling case is made for the use of specialist expertise - from both within and outside the school, particularly to support learning in upper Key Stage 2 - and in all cases the contributions show that teachers have demonstrated real creativity in planning and implementing the programmes of work done by the children.

In sharing these descriptions of exciting and creative learning, Reclaiming the Curriculum is sure to enthuse all practitioners in primary education.
Guest | 23/05/2018 01:00
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