NPhA News March/April
In the light of the recent statement by Christine Gilbert HMCI, it would be eminently sensible to ensure that your current practices have personalised learning at the heart of delivery. This would ensure Brownie points at Ofsted time and support your SEE This is a first class compendium of ideas for tackling planning and delivery in a systematic way. It looks at “what we already know about learning”, it offers advice on whole school systems (supported by policy sample documents), it scrutinises all stages (F,KS1 & KS2), it links everything in a comprehensive way with performance management, too. Vitally important are the governing body. A section is devoted to an annual work cycle for the whole process. Advice is also given on out of school learning and troubleshooting. If you want succinct, clear advice you have it here. To be recommended!
Guest | 23/07/2007 01:00
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