Paul Jones, Hypnotherapist, LCCH Book Reviewer
For someone who has spent a considerable amount of their time in administering full time professional hypnosis and NLP, refining the quickest slimming hypnotherapy techniques that will foster permanent results for the rest of the client's slim life, this book is a revelation. I can guarantee that nothing of it's type has been seen before, I know this because I looked everywhere for it! This replaces I will make you thin as the foremost book on this subject in the market today. Can someone please send a copy back to Manchester 2002 for me? This is the most definitive book on weight loss and hypnotherapy / hypnosis I have seen. In the world of slimming, hypnosis has had perhaps a bad reputation, I believe from my own slimming and hypnosis clinics that I run in Manchester that this could be from the old school techniques that appear to focus on simply supplementing traditional hunger suppression / direct suggestion paradigms. E.g. “You are not feeling hungry” and “Chocolate tastes like rotten eggs.”

“I will make you thin' was, of course, a revelation as it brought the intuitive hunger-signal based methods to thee mainstream consciousness - all though I know it owes a lot to a few less well known books such as “the habits of naturally slim people'. “Weight, Hypnothearapy and You' is targeted at the Hypotheerapist and NLP practitioners though. It outlines a full 12 session, perhaps a little too comprehensive, weight loss plan. The book not only outlines various hypnotherapy sessions such as exercise motivation and self esteem, dealing with the issues underlying emotional eating it also outlines how the hypnotherapist can build up their entire business around weight control.

I believe quite a few therapists will like to pick and choose from the 12 sessions available, each with it's own script, as per needed by the client. Innovative use of techniques such as Midlines to help clients uncover un-useful beliefs and the swish technique is welcome, as is the inclusion of a CD containing all the scripts handouts pro forma you could wish for.
Guest | 25/04/2007 01:00
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