Michele Hart INLPTA Practitioner
As an NLP Practitioner and a Personal Trainer I found the book quite fascinating.

Although the introduction felt very long, it was very thorough at what was being put across.

Judith has obviously research and worked with all the issues in her book. She has covered every thing down to the legalities.

I do not generally deal with very obese clients as a personal trainer. I think if I was to I would try the whole WHY program.

I would definitely use some of the programme with my clients who have eating disorders, who are not happy with their weight, the way they look and those who need stress management.

The self-hypnosis is a great part of the program too. It has given me new ideas and new ways in working.

There is so much an NLP and Hypnotherapy Practitioner can learn and use from this book. There is nothing I would add.

It is a well structured programme that I am sure plenty of practitioners would use without hesitation, especially with the growing obesity problems we are facing in the UK.

What I really liked about it was that Judith included the whole lifestyle and not just the diet side whereas most other people only focus on the diet side as well as using NLP and counselling.

She has included plenty of resources for the practitioner to use so you cannot ask for more.

Great book and I shall keep it as one of my main bibles of resources.
Guest | 16/05/2007 01:00
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