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This book is a must for any therapist working with weight reduction issues. It is unbelievably detailed and thorough, with Judith Pearson sharing her entire programme with us from beginning to end.

As well as the actual contents of the programme, the book also contains a marketing strategy and publicity materials, advice on client intake, and even examples of scripts, worksheets and other related documentation. (A CD with worksheets is attached to the book)

Pearson guides us through the various NLP, Coaching and Hypnotherapy techniques that make up the programme with clarity and obvious expertise. She writes for the therapist ” putting herself in their shoes, and pre-empting all their possible questions and concerns.

Despite being extremely detailed, the book is remarkably easy to read. Judith Pearson engages us right from the start when she talks candidly about her early experiences as a therapist, and in particular, her struggles with clients who wanted to lose weight. She describes the initial difficulties and challenges which eventually led her to develop the WHY Programme itself.

An excellent resource ” like discovering a treasure trove!
Guest | 16/05/2007 01:00
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