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Excess weight and obesity affect 129.6 million people in the United States. The American Society of Bariatric Physicians (2005) regards obesity as a “chronic medical disease with serious health implications.” The health risks related to obesity include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, hypertension, stroke, sleep apnea, gout, osteoarthritis, joint problems and gall bladder disease.

The total health care costs of $99.2 billion (1995) include hospitalization for injuries and weight-related illnesses, weightrelated disability payments, lost work days, doctors visits and recovery time.

If you are interested in helping this segment of the population using hypnotherapy and NLP to control weight, then this book is a MUST read for you.

Judith Pearson, PhD. has put together a weight reduction program called WHY


This manual encompasses all areas of setting up your business; working with clients (before-during-after) to achieve weight reduction; scripts; client workbook; practitioner checklists and many, many helpful guides for you to achieve success in your business and with your clients.

The manual is divided into three parts:

Part I ” What You Need to Know before You Begin.
Detailed step by step instructions on how to prepare yourself before beginning the program and how to market the WHY program.

Part II ” Conduction the Eight Sessions of the WHY Program.
Each of the eight sessions with your client is detailed with scripts; notations on what should be achieved in each session; how you can help your client achieve success; reframing; training in self-hypnosis; emotional eating; sensible food choices; relationship with food; boosting motivation to exercise; putting all this together for lasting results.

Part III ” Enhancing Success
Includes coaching the stuck client (with scripts); NLP language patterns; follow-up sessions; tough questions and answers about the WHY program; thoughts about addictions and compulsive eating.

The manual also gives you complete instructions on how to adjust the program to meet the specific needs of each client; scientific studies on the benefits of hypnotherapy for weight control; samples of many forms and marketing brochures; definition of NLP; benefits of exercise and recommendations to curb compulsive eating.

In the preface Judith Pearson states:
“If you have ever doubted your ability to help clients with effective weight management, you are not alone. I once had the same reservations myself. Now that I have a method for working with people who are obese or overweight, I don't feel that way anymore. The WHY program gives me quite an advantage because it allows me to serve a wider range of clients and expand my clientele. I want you to have that advantage too. This is a tested program that can produce results if you follow the instructions in this manual.”

There are so many innovative ideas in this manual that it is impossible to list all of them. If you are interested in increasing your clientele base to include people striving to manage and control their weight then you definitely need to read this book. Included with the manual is a CD of the client workbook.
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