Jason Fletcher MNCP, Fidelity
This book and accompanying CD gives therapists a fully-scripted comprehensive plan to facilitate a weight reduction program for their clients.

The book is an easy read that takes therapists through a step-by-step process giving clear and detailed instructions.

To join the program, clients are asked to commit to 8 sessions - not just verbally but by paying for all eight sessions at the start of the program.

It is guaranteed that clients lose at least 16 pounds by the time they have completed the program - an amazing claim. This claim is made possible by another term/condition of the program - that the client must lose a minimum of 4 pounds between each of the last 4 sessions - if they have not lost the 4 pounds they cannot book another session! However, no time limit is given for the client to complete the course which 1 actually thought went against the grain of the discipline.

Other conditions of the program are that the client must have visited their GP beforehand and be committed to both a nutritional program and exercise program.

The 8 sessions of the program consist of 4 NLP sessions followed by 4 Hypnosis sessions. 2 of the Hypnosis sessions must be recorded for the client to take with them to use in their own time. Contained within the CD are all the forms and scripts needed for running the program plus a client workbook containing all their homework and tasks to complete between sessions. Judith utilises NLP techniques from Basic to Advanced, whilst Hypnosis sessions are mainly Suggestion Therapy.

It is recommended that all other client issues such as Self Esteem, Confidence, be dealt with in separate sessions, which I imagine could be necessary for many clients if they wanted to achieve long term results.

I balked at a couple of sentences in the book - In reference to an overweight client; -˜Ben lumbered into the office' and another reference to a client already taking -˜too much room' up on the chair - I questioned if these descriptions were really necessary.

One section for debate, -˜A Moment of Truth', asks the therapist to take a look at themselves and ask if they are healthy, fit and at an ideal weight to offer such a program with integrity - I nearly dropped my crispy duck pancake at that one.

I do like the concept of this book, and think for many clients a disciplined program would be welcomed by them to in order to keep motivated. However, after reading Judith's client feedback section I do question its efficacy long term. The program is relatively new and I'm sure more results will emerge in time to demonstrate how effective this program can be.
Guest | 14/02/2008 00:00
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