Paul Fowler
One can't fault Crown House for its astute publisher's instinct of what would not only sell in the professional therapy field, but what would actually benefit a therapist's practice. The Weight, Hypnotherapy and You Weight Reduction Program, authored by Judith E. Person, is no exception. This glossy paperback is an excellent practitioner's manual for therapists looking for a multiple session weight loss format or perhaps on the look out for additional information to add to their existing programme.

The WHY manual which incorporates a generous mixture of hypnotherapy and NLP techniques and information to help clients achieve their weight reduction goals. Not only offering well-researched, practical advice, scripts and suggestions to run a successful eight-session weight loss programme, but also some suggestions as to how to market the programme to potential clients too. Based in Virginia, USA, Judy Pearson is an experienced counsellor and coach that has helped her produce a fine manual that at the very least offers a one-stop shop of therapy ideas.

The accompanying CD is so concise, it includes a plethora of ready-to-print documents for the therapist to use complete with session checklist and tasks, ensuring session objectives are met. There is also a ready-to-print client workbook that can be bespoke covered, and adding an even more professional look includes a range of client homework assignments that complement and more importantly reinforce the work carried out in the sessions themselves.

Sometimes a publisher's blurb can stretch the facts when describing an author's work ” not in this case. Crown House say “this manual tells you everything you need to know to help clients reduce their weight.” and it does exactly what it says on the tin. A great book and in a format that we will no doubt see additions to this new “Practitioner's Manual' series. The WHY book is an effective, well researched, easy-to-follow, weight loss programme that could form the basis of a whole range of multi-session formats. Similar “licensed' programmes are sold for ten times the price, and offer little, if any, more information.
Guest | 14/02/2008 00:00
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