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Here is a `how to' book that those who are interested in the subject of obesity will appreciate. It is designed to help a therapist conduct an eight session program with a client and comes complete with a series of handouts in the book, session by session, and replicated on a CD for ease of printing. Innovative and practical.

Judith Pearson has provided a complete package that starts with the client interview through to reframing, self-hypnosis, stress management, motivation and exercise. A sample of a Consent Agreement is provided along with Self-Hypnosis templates for the client to use.

Hypnotherapy scripts are provided for motivation, making sensible food choices, 'pulling it all together' and self-hypnosis and the sections on NLP provide a range of techniques that are easy to understand and utilise.

The book provides a wealth of information that will be most useful for the practitioner and is one I'd highly recommend.
Guest | 13/11/2008 00:00
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