Product reviews for My Child’s Different

Kelly Pietrangeli, author and -˜Mama Motivator', Project Me for Busy Mothers
My Child's Different could only have been written by a parent who's been there and successfully come out the other side. It will inspire parents who may be feeling at their wits' end over how to cope and how to best support their -˜challenging' child.

Elaine's deeply moving and personal account of her son Sam's journey - and how well he's turned out - will offer plenty to save parents from catastrophising about what will become of their child, and her guidance will instead put them into a more proactive mode to overcome the challenges faced. Any parent with a child who has been diagnosed with learning or behavioural difficulties, or simply feels that their child is in some way -˜different', will find great relief here.

An important book that will undoubtedly change many lives for the better, My Child's Different is also a must-read for educators and anyone working with children so that they can gain a better understanding of how to support their challenging students, and be able to recommend this book to their families.
Guest | 27/06/2018 01:00
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