Product reviews for The ABCS of Coping with Anxiety

Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, April 2018

Those of us who utilise CBT with clients will be familiar with the terminology of 'ABC' being used to refer to 'activating events', 'beliefs' and 'consequences'. However, this book utilises the initials in a different way, with 'A' referring to 'acceptance', 'B' to 'breathing and relaxation', and 'C' for 'countering'. The 'S' is for 'staying with it'. This easy-to-follow format can help clients remember the steps to take to reduce the impact of their anxiety. Each letter has a dedicated chapter of its own, which covers the key issues and provides practical exercises.

This book outlines the various forms that anxiety can take, including social anxiety, panic, agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and phobias. Chapter seven describes how to use the ABC model with these various forms of anxiety.

The book presents CBT techniques in an accessible format for the reader. No prior knowledge of the theory is required, making it a useful self-help guide. The step-by-step process it sets out can be personalised to meet individual needs. The book would be useful for mental healthcare professionals working with anxiety issues, as well as for clients themselves, as it helps them to understand how their anxiety may affect them and how they can overcome it.

This review first appeared in the April 2018 issue of Healthcare Counselling and Psychotherapy Journal, published by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotheray. 2018'©.

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