Product reviews for The Little Book of Awe and Wonder

Kirsty Mckinnon, Teacher in Oxfordshire
A delightful mouthwash for the mind, restoring clarity, confusion, puzzlement and joy - this little -˜cabinet' is a true pleasure to pick through. Like any good overstuffed cabinet, open it and miscellaneous things will start falling out in random formation, leaving you somewhat dazed by the sheer range of evocative ideas, facts and beautiful nonsenses surrounding you.A mixture of logic, art, science and the beauty of human strangeness lurks here, and as with any good cabinet, there is also the presence of bugs and decay - use the magnifying bookmark to follow the ants into the depths and discover that the first recorded response to an x-ray was -˜I have seen my own death!'.

The simplicity, the complexity, the beauty, the ugliness, the oddness, rationality and ultimately the curiosity of it all will keep you guiltily delving in and out of this little marvel - possibly for the rest of time.
Guest | 07/08/2018 01:00
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