Product reviews for The Little Book of Awe and Wonder

Teach Secondary Magazine, Issue 2.3 April 2013
Since he was given his first conjuring set at the age of four, the author of this intriguing and captivating little tome has spent his life immersed in mystery and magic - most recently at the University of Nottingham, where he is researching for a second doctorate, focusing on how curiosity and wonder can be generated in classrooms and used as tools for learning. Don't expect a dry, academic thesis, though; McFall is far too busy discovering and delighting in the world about him to deliver a lecture. Instead, this is as close to a real Cabinet of Curiosities (every school should have one, he insists) in book form as could be imagined, with puzzles, amazing facts, tricks, riddles, and glimpses of twisting paths that are begging to be explored crammed into the pages to be dipped into as the fancy takes you. Don't just expect the unexpected; demand it, and encourage your students to do the same.
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