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Angela Thomas, Reviewed on Love Reading
My Child's Different by Elaine Halligan is not only an inspiring memoir; it is also an informative and useful guide to positive parenting. Interesting and well-written!

As a mother, grandmother and retired teacher, I was delighted to be given the chance to read and review My Child's Different by Elaine Halligan.

The author describes the journey her family made to unlock her son's potential. Sam had a very difficult start, being diagnosed with various syndromes, but still being labelled as “naughty” and “disruptive”. Eventually, after a turbulent ride through the education system, Sam's parents found the right setting for him. By the end of the book, we see the young man that Sam has become - resilient, creative, well able to cope and thrive in the world.

This is not only a memoir of a family trying to cope with a child with Special Educational Needs; it is much more. Each chapter includes a contribution from Melissa Hood, a parenting and behaviour coach, who gives her expert advice and guidance on how to support children as they grow - and often struggle - towards maturity. I was particularly interested in the sections about descriptive praise and emotion coaching. Seeing how these approaches were used with Sam was very helpful and encouraging - I wish I had been able to learn about these many years ago!

The book is well written, interesting and informative. Not only a guide for parents of children with special needs, it provides strategies and ideas for all parents to use. Elaine Halligan has included a list of resources and books for further reading, which certainly adds to the value of this excellent book.

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