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Sue Packer, Reviewed on Love Reading
A must read for any parent or professional person coping with a child with challenging behaviour.

My Child's Different is an amazing insight into dealing with a child diagnosed with many of the acronyms we hear about today. ADHD, ADD, ASD - the list seems to get added to every year! Autism, dyslexia, tourettes, I'm sure many of us are aware of children with these -˜labels', plus those just known as -˜difficult' or -˜naughty'. For anyone who has a child like this, or for professionals who work with challenging children on a daily basis, reading this book would be an absolute must as it offers many useful strategies and helpful insights to transform the lives of both children and their families.

The author's son, Sam, had been excluded from 3 schools by the age of 7, and if his parents, both intelligent professional people, hadn't explored every avenue to help their son, he could well have ended up in jail or a mental asylum. Their long and often difficult struggle is a testimony to parenting at it's best, and although there is never any -˜quick fix' when dealing with problems such as this, the good news is that if you stick at it and follow the correct advice, you can improve your child's life beyond recognition, and ensure a positive and productive future, as Sam has now proved.

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Guest | 03/09/2018 01:00
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