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Karen Kingston, Reviewed on Love Reading
My Child's Different - a worthwhile read for everyone working with children and parents too

As a mum of 2 who has worked with children in a variety of settings over the past 16 years, this was an interesting (and sometimes emotional) book as Sam and his family tried to find the correct educational establishments to meet his specific learning needs and to make his life less stressful.

Thank you to Elaine and Sam for sharing their story so eloquently. Hopefully this book will inspire other families to keep pushing for their own child/children to find the correct school to help them. Having worked in the SENCO team in a Primary School, I believe our Education Secretary and Shadow Education Secretary need to read this too, to consider increasing the number of specialist schools.

However this book isn't just aimed at parents and educators of children who are -˜different', but gives advice to all parents about using positive parenting skills to encourage their children to grow up into resilient adults.

A worthwhile read for everyone working with children and parents too.

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Guest | 03/09/2018 01:00
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