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Diana Mason, Reviewed on Love Reading
It wasn't what I expected although I was able to read the whole book.

I was disappointed in this book as I was expecting to have the entire story about Sam and how his parents, sister, friends and school coped with his numerous disabilities. He had so many disabilities that they called him the “ALPHABET KID”. Unfortunately, you only got bits and pieces of his journey. When you have a child in need of assistance, you really struggle first to get a diagnosis, then the right help for their child. It may take many tests and trials to find the one that works for you child.

The way it was written was also unconventional. It would have been much better, I feel, if you had a chapter about a certain problem dealing with Sam and then a smaller chapter about how to deal with it.

This book will be great for students who are going to be working with children and young adults in any capacity. It can teach them how to understand and treat them with confidence and a greater understanding.

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Guest | 03/09/2018 01:00
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