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Helen Precious, Reviewed on Love Reading
A thought provoking refelction on the struggles of a family coming to terms with having a -˜different' son. A great read for anyone struggling with a -˜difficult' child.

Elaine Halligan has written an accessible and engagingly honest account of bringing up a child with a range of learning conditions. The warmth with which Halligan writes makes My Child's Different a must read for any parent regardless of whether your offspring has academic challenges. By laying bare the struggles that her family encountered trying to -˜do the best' for her son, Halligan highlights the -˜trauma' that every member of a family endure when individual members don't conform to society's norms. In so doing My Child's Different allows the reader a new level of empathy for those parents with -˜problem children' and provides mechanisms by which we can all be better parents.

The addition of closing analysis by Melissa Hood, a trained professional, for each section perfectly compliments the more anecdotal/memoir style of the author into a specific list of reflections and further reading. The reflections of Sam (the child in question) raises the understanding of the reader further allowing us to see inside the mental processes of a child who sees the logic in their own actions whilst external viewers can not.

My Child's Different was a quick read but packed with real solutions for those struggling with children given often damaging diagnostic labels and perhaps teaches us all to be less judgemental and more tolerant of those -˜naughty children' we all encounter.

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Guest | 03/09/2018 01:00
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