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Glenda Worth, Reviewed on Love Reading
My Child's Different is a frank and honest account of how one Mum and family fought for her son's education in order for him to achieve his potential. A real eye opener.

My Child's Different by Elaine Halligan is essentially a diary of all the events encountered during her son Sam's childhood. Finding out why and how he is different to other children, how it impacted on him, the rest of the family, friends and his education. Reading this book was both interesting, emotional and educational. I found myself in tears on more than one occasion. The technicalities of Sam's diagnosis and how the family dealt with this ongoing onslaught of problems and hurdles to overcome were an eyeopener. There are many links to other information that may be useful. The fall out which affected Sam's sister in a big way as she was not ignored but certainly overlooked, and the strain it put on Elaine's relationship with her partner.

An inspiring read which really puts forward the knowledge that a parent really does know what's best for their child told in an honest and thought provoking way. Many parents would benefit from reading this book whether they have a child with special educational needs or not as it promotes positive parenting and the strength required to keep fighting the constant battle to achieve an education that is right for your child and not just what the system decide is the easiest or cheapest option.

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Guest | 03/09/2018 01:00
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