Product reviews for Powering Up Children

Ana María Fernández, educator and creator of the VESS Educational Model
Rich in both practical and theoretical value, Powering Up Children is a captivating contribution to the field of pedagogical literature. It is full of relevant classroom examples, and every idea shared is a provocation for teachers to evaluate themselves and reinvigorate their teams through professional sessions and discussions. The book can function as both an educator's rubric and a perfect guide for professional introspection, as Guy Claxton and Becky Carlzon present a generous array of classroom strategies and scientific references that invite teachers to carefully craft a paradigm shift in their own practice.

All of the tools and techniques have been designed to excite the very core of the modern learner, and teachers will easily imagine their use throughout their pupils' educational journey. This rich simplicity is ultimately Powering Up Children's greatest strength - offering a pedagogical approach that is highly relatable, highly applicable, and highly thought-provoking. 

A must-read for anyone with the true calling of a teacher and a curious mind. 
Guest | 10/12/2018 00:00
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